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Florida Crushes Kentucky’s Spirit

UK can beat Florida. But it won't be until after they graduate their 3 studs this year.

We can complain about the phantom Technical but UK wilted the last 5 minutes. They were scared and Florida wasn't. This team just doesn't have it. 3pt shooting is inconsistent, FT shooting is atrocious, and the team plays like prima donnas, instead of a team. This collection of prima donnas simply does not play hard.

I say now, that UK loses at Ole Miss, wins the next 4, and then loses by 20 at...

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UK-Florida: Tale of the Tape

Unquestionably the biggest game of the season for Kentucky. At least until the next time they play Florida in a few weeks.

ESPN Gamenight will be in attendance in Rupp Arena. The 9 pm tip ensures that the crowd will be lubricated adequately.

There has already been more national media focus on this game than any other UK tilt since conference season got started. In fact, ESPN’s basketball power index rating says that this matchup has the highest “quality rating” of any other game for the...

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Kentucky Tops Auburn in Ugly Bout

The Cats continue to roll in the SEC despite two consecutive sloppy performances (the previous being last Saturday's game against Mississippi State). This time Kentucky outlasted Auburn despite some cold shooting from the floor.

UK shot only 31% from the field, but it was enough to best a lowly Auburn squad that is now 11-11 overall and 3-8 in the SEC. 

Kentucky now moves to 9-2 in conference heading into this upcoming Saturday's showdown with nationally ranked No. 3 Florida, which is...

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UK Gets Resume Win Over Lousiville

They needed that. 

Really that is all you can say after Kentucky got a hard fought win over hated in-state rival Louisville. 

Saturday's big win was also evidence that Kentucky can win an important game without Julius Randle playing his best. 

When the Harrison twins and James Young play well, there is no limit to what this team can do. UK has the horses inside, able to throw big athletic bodies at opponents in waves. But the attitude, hustle and consistency of the backcourt is what has...

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Tar Heels Out-Fight Wildcats

North Carolina was just too tough for Kentucky and its lineup of young bucks.

You can see on Coach Calipari’s face that he is growing impatient with his young team, even this early in a young season.

The Tar Heels, not sporting one of their most talented teams of the Roy Williams era, managed this win while missing 19 free throws and having seven shots blocked.

UNC has already knocked off a pair of top 10 teams in Louisville and Michigan State, so this wasn’t a fluke. But we expect...

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Cats Fall to Baylor Bears for Second Straight Year

The Baylor game was awful. It was clear that UK had more talent against a very physically talented team. But this team is lost and cannot play as a team right now. My observations.

1) UK becomes a lost plodder against a zone. Outside shooting is ok, but overall the team because clueless and lacks ball movement. Every team from here on out is going to zone UK. If they do not adapt, they will lose 10 games IMO and be an early out in the Tourney.

2) I think the team bought into the 40-0 hype...

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Comments on UK’s Loss to Sparty

My comments after sleeping on the loss.

1) Ft shooting on the year 65%; 3pt shooting is at 30%. Has to get better or this team is beatable in a one and out game. With the new foul rules, this team will go to the line 30+ times every game. They cannot keep giving away free points.

2) This team obviously bought the hype. All the stories/narratives about 40-0. It was reported that the Harrison Twins were commenting before the game that Jay Campbell said they were the greatest assembly of...

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Quick Thoughts on Matchup With Michigan State

Kentucky meets Michigan State Tuesday night in Chicago in a titanic early season battle of traditional powerhouses, which also happens to be a clash between the top two teams in the country. It is too early to know much about how this one might go, but here are some quick points from the BBL.

As expected, we think Randle is going to be the engine for this Kentucky team and a definite POY candidate. This team is so deep and talented that a lot of high ceiling players arent even going to see...

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Some Blue-White Scrimmage Thoughts

I know Kentucky is a football school now, but I thought I would tune into the basketball scrimmage the other night. What I saw:

-The team is NBA athletic but still raw. The length and versatility of this team is incredible. That said, and maybe because Cal did not want to show much publicly, but the defense was similar to a YMCA league for now. I do know that this team will block a lot of shots. This team will press and its length will create turnovers. I have no doubt we will see more...

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Julius Randle is a Freak!

True, the Calipari years at Kentucky have seen some phenomenal young talent hit the hardwood at Rupp Arena. But rarely has a player come in with the kind of physical maturity as Julius Randle.

Sure, we have seen incredibly talented players, some of whom are putting together spectacular numbers at the professional level. But just look at the video below and ask yourself whether you’ve ever seen a freshman with this combination of strength, size and athletic ability.


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The Professionalization of Kentucky Basketball

A couple weeks back, former Wildcat great Jeff Sheppard sent the Big Blue Nation into an uproar over a few comments that were decidedly unflattering toward coach John Calipari and his preference for one-and-done players.

While fans can and will debate whether Sheppard’s statements were disloyal, one interesting point was Shep’s comment that there has been “too much celebrating NBA draft picks.”

Hard to argue with him on that point. After all, long before Kentucky won its 8th national...

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Wiltjer Decision: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Kyle Wiltjer’s family made it official last Friday: the UK big man will transfer to Gonzaga, sit out the upcoming season and finish out his collegiate career in Spokane.

While the announcement surprised no one, we can now "officially" speculate how this will effect Kentucky in 2013-2014.

The GOOD. That a double digit scorer—a former McDonald’s All-American who was a part of the 2012 national team—even considered transferring can be viewed as a pretty good overall sign of the talent level...

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In His Words: Calipari on Historic Class

Since signing what many think is the best class in college hoops history, Coach John Calipari has been uncharacteristically mum. He recently opened up to the media and offered some candid thoughts on each player. We offer them here, along with our own comments. Print this out and revisit in a few months...

Aaron Harrison:
Coach Cal: “Aaron is more of a scoring guard who can make shots and make plays at the rim. He can also play some point in a pinch. Like his brother, Andrew, he has the...

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Stay or Go? The Lowdown on Kyle Wiltjer’s Transfer

The recent announcement by Kyle Wiltjer of his intent to transfer from Kentucky to another program boils down to one thing: playing time.

Looking at the 2013-14 Kentucky roster, Wiltjer had to have been thinking that minutes would be scarce. How do you find time for a slow-footed, 6-10 spot shooting specialist in a frontcourt mix that includes sophomores Willie Caulie-Stein and Alex Poythress with incoming prep studs Julius Randle, Dakari Johnson and Marcus Lee.

Even by very, very...

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NBA Comparisons for Kentucky Freshmen

It is only the summer, but with the 2013 NBA draft approaching, now might be as good of a time as ever to come up with NBA comparisons for the star-studded 2013 freshman class for the Wildcats. Most, if not all of these recruits will get a shot to play in the NBA at some point, which is the reason they signed with Kentucky in the first place.

Of course, all NBA comparisons are best-case scenario. Odds are not all will develop into All-Star caliber players, but at this point in their...

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Kentucky freshman Charles Matthews is transferring, the school announced. Former ESPN 100 prospect. - via @ESPN App…
1. This loss means nothing. UK lost a game on the road in bizarre circumstances vs a very good team. If anything,...
Time to put Texas A&M to bed and get tuned up for a high seed in the big dance.
Epic collapse by UK tonight. Still something not right with this team.
Tough loss over the weekend, but the Cats showed heart...they'll be back.

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