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Big Blue Nation Souring on This Year’s Team

1) This team is not responding to Cal. And he is going to give himself a coronary on the sidelines. Something is not clicking. The team played better in the South Carolina game after Cal was ejected. All he is doing is screaming this year. This team needs coaching. It is obvious to me that that the players have tuned him out, and when Robic took over and actually coached calmly, the team looked like the pressure was off and played better.

2) I like the Dribble Drive when it is played correctly. I pointed out in previous post that the team does not spread out and lacks movement. I think the problem is cyclical. The Twins and Young drive into a crowded lane and throw up crazy, low percentage shots which are cleaned up more often than not, because the Cats do kill the offensive boards. However, the bigs need to clear the lane so there is space and you don't have the crazy ass shots that we are seeing in the first place. Randle, WCS and Poythress rarely move and camp out waiting for the rebound. It is as if they are afraid to move because they know the Twins/Young will not pass to them so they try to get their points in a crowded lane on the rebound.

3) This team lacks urgency. They actually respond when their back is to the wall, but they shouldn't have to because of the overall talent. This team lacks a MKG or Patterson type personality. There is no one, including Randle, that can get the team to follow. Essentially, leaderless on the Court. See 1 that is where coaching is more important.

4) I agree somewhat about the disappointment of the Twins. I don't think they are that horrible but I do agree that they are overhyped and playing out of position. They have always been the star their whole life and are extremely selfish. There are not use to playing with superior players and appear that they want to be the star. The lack of hustle irks me the most. From what I hear, their time is up in the Spring, be it the NBA/European league, or a transfer to Texas. A lot of whispers about a transfer; Cal is "too hard" on them.

5) Cal built this 1 and done system. His entire recruiting philosophy is based upon it. He promises the players that they will play tough, man to man NBA style Defense full time and he tells them that if their dreams are to get to the NBA, they need to come to KY. The negative is that this system pushes through kids that are superior athletes with upside who can't dribble with both hands or who lack basic shooting fundamentals. They really need 3 years of college to hone their game but they get drafted based upon their potential. If Cal does not give them minutes, he loses his rep on the AAU circuit as the guy who makes the NBA happen.

6) A special comment about Poythress. What has happened. The dude came in with a good outside shot. Where did it go? All he tries to do is dunk. His offensive game is becoming one dimensional. Sad to see. I do like him when he plays with energy.

7) I am going retro, but I am starting to sour on the current game. There is no pride in the school. It is not just KY, but I never thought I would see a UK team give up at home like they did against Arkansas. Because of the 1 and done era, the team now comes 2nd. And this current class is about the most selfish, individualist class that Cal has brought in. I miss the days I could watch a freshman grow into a player that I really rooted for. The DeAndre Liggins and D. Millers are not coming anymore. Maybe Hawkins and Willis can be those guys, but Cal can't even find minutes in the blowouts for Willis to get some experience. Cal overlooks the value of the blue collar player who just relishes the opportunity to contribute. The sad thing is that Jorts would have never played if not for the NCAA making it necessary. Now if you can perform spectacular dunks and jump 40', who cares if you know how to set screens and box out because you are a McDonald's All American.

8) I do appreciate Cal. He brought a long needed championship. But for WV/Huggins forcing the Wall led team to rely on its weakness to win, there may be two banners in the past 5 years. But if Cal is not seeing the problem with pinning your entire championship potential on a starting line-up consisting of 5 freshmen, then maybe we do need a change. At the end of the day, they are five freshmen going against hungry veteran teams who put years of work in at the college gym to get better. It is never more apparent during the tournament. How many times has a Senior realizing that their time is almost over put a team on their back and willed a win; freshmen will never give you that extra effort because they simply do not understand it.

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Time to put Texas A&M to bed and get tuned up for a high seed in the big dance.
Epic collapse by UK tonight. Still something not right with this team.
Tough loss over the weekend, but the Cats showed heart...they'll be back.

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