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Breakdown After 2 Games


We will see how the platoon system holds up. The team has had two easy wins but the offense was not very fluid at times with all the rotations. There is a ton of talent but no one stands out that needs the ball like Randle did last year.

Perhaps, that will be a good thing in a lot of ways but I think someone is going to have to establish themselves as the alpha male post player as the season gets on.

With that said, the interchangeable talent that Cal can run out into the frontline is incredible. Towns, at 7 foot, moves quick. Lyles has a very polished inside-outside game and will make a lot of 3s. DJ is a different player from last year; he runs twice as fast and is much slimmer than last season, but he still cannot be moved off the block. Just an Ox down low.

The Twins, particularly Andrew, took a lot of heat last year. They are in shape and a lot faster than they get credit for. Andrew drove the ball hard. Of course when you have Ulis looking over your shoulder…

Booker has been quiet and his shot a bit off but having seen him play several games, I think he will be a much faster version of Lamb and will bust a lot of zones this year.

UK did not shoot the ball very well from outside in their latest game vs Buffalo. Overall, the team hit 48% but a lot of that percentage can be accounted for on offensive put backs and dunks.

This team will dominate the offensive glass like last year and go to the line a lot. But this team will need to shoot better from outside and get more fluid on offense against better competition.


Cal pressed the entire first half and a lot of the second half against Buffalo. The depth will wear out teams. This team has the length and speed to press the whole game and Cal said they will press a lot. Of course he says that every year so we'll see.

UK set a record for blocked shots in 2011-12. They may challenge it this year.

WCS has become an incredible shot blocker. Towns, Lee, Poythress, and Lyles will get their fair share, too. This team is full of athletic rim protectors. What they don't block, they eat up on the boards. DJ is a beast on the block.

The only real fault that I saw in the first two games was when UK was spaced out on defense and was slow to cut off driving lanes. That will get fixed.


This team is worth the hype and loaded with talent. Chemistry is the key. If Cal can keep the playing time balanced and everyone happy, this team will be hard to beat in March.

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Time to put Texas A&M to bed and get tuned up for a high seed in the big dance.
Epic collapse by UK tonight. Still something not right with this team.
Tough loss over the weekend, but the Cats showed heart...they'll be back.

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