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Chicken Little Weighs in on Slumping Kentucky Wildcats

In 2011.

I am so pissed off. How does this team continue to come back from huge double digit deficits in the last 8 minutes of games only to lose at the buzzer because of a lack of execution in the final moments?

You wanna know why? IMO, it's coaching. This team doesn't run plays or get good looks or pre-designed shots when they need them. They have great individual talent. Jones, Knight or Lamb can score and create off the dribble. But they don't get good looks when it matters because they fail to run plays.

And then there are the simple mental miscues like not blocking out or silly fouling after letting the shot clock run down.

This is all a sign of poor coaching. I'm not making excuses. This is becoming routine with Calipari at UK. Losing the close games. UK is in the games due to overwhelming talent and skill. But when execution becomes tantamount, UK is sorely lacking and wanting.

Liggins, Harrellson and Miller are essentially worthless in crunch time as none of them want to step up and make a play. And none of them want to lead the team. Brandon Knight is a not a leader. He is a ball hog that happens to be an incredible scorer. As a point guard, if you don't make your teammates better what real good do you offer? UK refuses to run plays when it counts and they are losing the close games because their best offensive players don't get clean open looks.

At 4-4 in the SEC, UK now has to go 5-3 over their final 8 just to finish 9-7 in the SEC. It's probably not going to happen with road games at Vandy and UT and home games vs. Vandy, UF, Miss State and Tennessee still left. And Arkansas and USC are no slouches either.

This team is regressing. Not being able to win on the road, nor execute in the clutch bodes not so well for the post-season.

At least Vargas gave them some decent minutes Saturday night effectively widening the rotation to 7. Other than that, this team is about to fall out of the Top 25. They will also be playing on the first day of the SEC tournament, in all likelihood. 

And if we really want to start analyzing the future, what if Jones, Lamb and Knight all leave in the draft after this season? The UK recruiting class while full of great players doesn't seem to address many needs relative to what they already have.

I'm probably too negative right now but after suffering through three double digit come from behind deficits (Bama, Ole Miss and UF) only to watch UK snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…I'm just sick over it.

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1. This loss means nothing. UK lost a game on the road in bizarre circumstances vs a very good team. If anything,...
Time to put Texas A&M to bed and get tuned up for a high seed in the big dance.
Epic collapse by UK tonight. Still something not right with this team.
Tough loss over the weekend, but the Cats showed heart...they'll be back.

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