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Darius Miller: Enigma Wrapped in Riddle

The BBL has seen enough of Darius Miller’s continual disappearing act to last us a lifetime. This guy is impossible to figure out. Just two weeks ago he scored a career high 18 points versus Arkansas. Since then in three games he’s been completely MIA. Against LSU Saturday he played 17 minutes and didn’t score a single point, taking only one shot. He took one shot?

Untapped Potential
Folks, this kid is 6-7 and might have the best basketball body on UK’s team. He jumps out of the gym, has long arms, can block shots and has a very accurate jumper from three point range. He can even handle the ball well enough for Coach Calipari to play him as a point-forward at times. All of these attributes should allow him to be an All-SEC first team type player. Instead, we see a kid who only shows up about once every four games.

It’s really sad to watch because he literally shies away from “stepping up,” especially in big games. At this point in the season it’s clear that Coach Cal defers to both DeAndre Liggins and Darnell Dodson before Darius. In fact, Miller has lost his starting position to Dodson and, due to the way Liggins is playing, it’s unlikely he’ll start again this season.

A Psychological Makeover
What can he do to become the player we all know he can be? We think it starts in his own head. He needs to be convinced by the coaching staff that his offensive production matters. Miller also needs to develop a fiery demeanor where he doesn’t back down or play soft against anyone. Can a player at his age and stage of development find a killer instinct this late in his college career? It’s hard to say. But what is certain is that he will never develop to the level of his talent if he doesn’t start changing soon.

We believe Darius is an NBA level physical talent but only with continued skill development and if he can find a killer instinct. The ongoing development of the three position is one of the keys to UK winning the National Championship (see our piece that ran yesterday.) For now, Miller is a vital cog in that triumvirate of players. We hope he can put it all together soon.

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