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Future Wildcats Highlight McDonald’s All-American Game

The Big Blue Lowdown's UKHomer offers his thoughts on Kentucky's incoming class after watching the McDonald's All American game. UK Homer says top recruit Andrew Wiggins will be a Wildcat so he includes him in the analysis.

Print this out as its always reference material a year later.

Andrew Wiggins: He is a Human Pogostick!  But he is not the top player in the class IMO. He has the most overall athleticism and a body built for the pros but I dont know if he can shoot it from deep like Lebron. Nor do we know if he can handle really well off the dribble. If he can do all those things, well I retract my thoughts. He seems reserved too. Not what you want in a Franchise player.

Julius Randle: This guy seriously impressed me. Nonstop motor.  Long and faster than everyone on the floor.  He will go top 3 no doubt.  Lefty like TJ but even bouncier.  He is very cerebral and looks to find open teammates at all times.  He is the glu next season-NO QUESTION!

Andrew Harrison:  The best combo PG to come into college since Derek Rose. There is nothing he cant do. He is 6-5 and will dominate smaller less physical kids. He can shoot it, handle it and pass it as well as just about anybody i have seen in college.

Aaron Harrison: Another NBA wing. Jumps out of the gym, 25 foot range.  Both of the brothers are here today and gone tomorrow.

James Young: A crazy athlete scorer deluxe. Also a lefty. Hard to imagine him not playing 20 mins+ but he might have to contribute as a Liggins type ballhawk to see long stretches. Make no mistake though, he can carry UK offensively next season.

Dakari Johnson: A true big man. He is slow and soft. But he has good low post fundamentals and knows what to do with it. He will be overwhelmed in practice next season going up against Poythress, WCS and Randle. I see him as a nice 3-4 year big man who will learn, grow and improve.

Marcus Lee:  This kid is a freak athlete. Probably best leaper of all incoming (save for Wiggins) but he is too skinny and needs work in the weight room. Has nose for the ball though and great hands and timing. Will play 5-8 mins next season in defensive pressing situations. Will be great shot blocker in time. 3-4 year player likely.

Jabbari Parker impressed me the most.  He can do it all and is so long and quick. Will dominate as frosh at Duke.

UK literally is bringing in 5 Franchise players. Randle, the Twins, Young and Wiggins can carry any D1 team.


1/Harrison 35 mins
2/Harrison and Young 25 to 15 depending on Hot Hand
3/Wiggins 25 and Poythress 15
4/Randle 30 and Wiltjer 10
5/WCS 28 Johnson and Lee splitting minutes what is left over

That right there is earth shattering. Finally a team "on paper" that rivals the 96 Cats.

Truly not fair.

But if UL has Smith, Dieng and Behannan all back, they will give UK all it can handle.

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