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Kentucky-North Carolina Sure to Be a Classic

It's been quite an amazing ride this year. Since none of us including yours truly expected UK to be here at this point, we're essentially playing with the house's money.

It feels good. It feels better we have a Warlock and a Jorts.

Now onto the game.

I've looked at the players, I've looked at the coaches. I've analyzed common opponents. I've thought out who would guard whom. I've even considered writing out a long and detailed post breaking down each individual player matchup. But honestly, there is no need. Why?

After seeing this one GIGANTIC GLARING STAT JUMP OUT AT ME, I'm SUPREMELY CONFIDENT UK is going to the Final Four.

Check it:

UNC is 9th in the ACC in Defense!!!!! The ACC, as a conference, doesn't even play defense.

Yes, I know FSU was the #1 FG Defensive Team in the country but stats can be misleading. The ACC is basically UNC and Duke who want to get out and run. They aren't interested in locking you down and making it a controlled possession type of affair. UK can and will play that way. UNC is also very "skinny and weak" in the post. UK has a decided advantage in strength with Jorts, Miller, Jones and Liggins under the glass. Zeller and Henson are really tall and long but they will cower quickly if UK can body them up and box out. UNC really only has one total offensive player in their frosh Harrison Barnes.

Unfortunately for young Harrison, he's going to be matched up against a Supernatural Force. A mean, nasty WARLOCK from the mean streets of Chicago full of venom and rage, ravenous for a berth in the final four. Barnes might have trouble scoring all night. And who will guard the Warlock on defense?

Then there is Brandon Knight and Doron Lamb. Both due for big scoring games. Back in December, both Knight and Lamb got wide open look after wide open look against UNC's smaller defenders. Also Darius Miller was not the same player at that time that he is now. And let's not forget TJ. At some point, his talent is going to explode. Maybe it's Sunday.

I just don't see UNC having enough strength or defensive tenacity to deny this version of the Cats. In my bracket I had Syracuse and their confounding zone beating UK in this round. But I would have never chosen UNC over UK, if I believed they would have gotten this far. And remember, this is also a PAYBACK GAME for the Cats. They are out to avenge an early season loss for a chance to face UCONN and avenge another early season loss and put themselves in the Final Four.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Whatever happens next is but a mere bonus. Because next year at this same time, UK will be favored by 13.5 vs. WHOMEVER in the regional final.

UK 73 UNC 65

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