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McDonald’s All-American Game Recap: Wow!

Just finished watching the entire McDonald's All-American game.

As most here know, All Star Games are pretty much a joke. No defense, little passing and guards tend to dominate due to "controlling the ball."

With that said, UK has some serious beasts coming into the program. I've been watching HS All Star games for a long time. I don't remember a single one where one program was getting so many "answers."

Anthony Davis

I don't know if I've ever seen a longer, taller, faster and more skilled overall player at this young of an age in my entire life. He was on an entirely different level than anybody else on the court. His only weakness(if you can call it that) is his lack of strength in the lower body/glute region. His wingspan, timing and ability to get off his feet quickly are unmatched at the college level. He is a threat to block every shot, three-pointer, dunk or layup. He blocked four shots in the game and altered a half dozen more. And you should see him run the court. He didn't take any long range jumpers but is so fluid and skilled with either hand, it's crazy. He is every coach's match up nightmare and looks capable of playing any low post position. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY HE PLAYS MORE THAN ONE SEASON AT UK. Only a devastating injury prevents him from being the #1 overall pick.

Michael Gilchrist

I have to admit based on the massive amounts of YouTube video film of him I've already seen (he's been a fixture/superstar since his FR year of HS), I had no idea he was as good as he really is. This kid is a clone of DeAndre Liggins without any of the risk/attitude DeAndre brought with him to UK. His motor is nonstop. He has incredible hands, timing and a genuine knack for the ball. His jumper is a bit of a line drive, but it goes in. He plays way taller than he is and is an incredible rebounder for his size. He will be an absolute warrior for UK next year and it will be very difficult for Coach Cal to keep him off the floor. He also has a brilliant handle and was showing it off towards the end of the game. He can definitely play PG for UK at 6-6 and will also be a difficult guy to guard next season. Imagine having a second WARLOCK shutting guys down on the wing and then driving them into the lane to be rejected by Anthony Davis.

Marquis Teague

Marquis didn't do much in this game. He showed off his crazy handle and hops a few times. There was one point in the 2nd half after a foul where he continued his drive and exploded like a pogo stick into a sick two handed behind the head tomahawk jam. Make no mistake about it, the kid jumps like John Wall but is 3 inches shorter. He doesn't have the thick stocky build of Eric Bledsoe, but his handle is smoother and he is just as athletic. There is no doubt he is the heir apparent to Brandon and will start from Day 1 regardless if Knight comes back or not. Brandon will move over to the 2 position if he comes back and UK will have the sickest most indefensible college guard triumvirate of all time in Teague, Knight and Lamb.

Kyle Wiltjer

So this is the one guy who literally blew me away. When you first see him, he is not imposing. He looks ilke a "great white slab" with the face of a 12 year old. No muscle tone or definition to speak of and all arms and legs. Don't let his looks deceive you. Guy is A FREAK! He is/was easily the best pure shooter of all the players in the game. His stroke is PURE and so soft. He is a legit 6-10 and appears to still be growing. He is very thick in the lower body and utilizes his size to his advantage when posting. I was literally blown away (as was Jay Williams and Stephen Bardo)when he put his man on his hip and launched a Kareem sky hook from about 12 feet that hit nothing but the bottom of the net. Kid had the best low post game of anybody playing in the event. At his size and length, he will be a lethal force when UK runs the rub curl 22 feet from the basket next year. He also runs the court very well and can put the ball on the floor with an assortment of head fakes and body contortions. He will play and play a lot. There is no doubt UK can pencil him in at the five and I wouldn't be surprised to see him end up being 7 Feet when he's done growing.

Doc Rivers kid Austin Rivers is absolutely the truth. What a freak show he is. Has deep, deep range and is a legit 6-6 with long arms and crazy athleticism. Funny how Duke is now also recruiting the one and doner's too. The Plumlee brother is a clone of the first two but even uglier and less coordinated.

UNC has two sick guys coming in. One is Bob McAdoo's son. I thought I was watching his Daddy. The other guy is a 6-6 Harrison Barnes clone who can really shoot it from deep.

The Michael Akobongo kid from Canada going to Texas is a monster pg. Quicker than Teague and an absolute magician with the ball in his hands. Doesn't appear to be able to shoot very well though.

Billy D got himself a kid named Jeremy Beal who will be UF's leading scorer next year as a frosh. Think of Kenny Boynton at 6-6, way more athletic and a better pure shooter. He too looks like a kid who will be a one year player.

All in all, UK will be the prohibitive favorite to win it all next season regardless of what happens in the next 5 days.

Here is what their rotations will look like. (If Knight and/or Jones come back due to an NBA lockout this team will be unfair and they might just have to break into two teams)


Lamb/Gilchrist/Alabama HS kid if he qualifies and comes




IMO, this could become a legendary pressing/trapping team due to their overall team speed and length.

As I've already said, the future is inordinately bright. WOW.

Bring on the Huskies!

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