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Should UK push to have U of L invited to the SEC?

There’s been a lot of talk, and a lot of movement, among schools in the big conferences over the past few months. Currently everyone (except me) is waiting with baited breath to see if Missouri decides to bolt from the Big 12 to the greener pastures that are our beloved Southeastern Conference.

That the SEC needs to pick up another team seems pretty obvious since the addition of Texas A & M as the 13th team. Currently the Western Division sits with seven teams while the East has six which will inevitably create scheduling inequities. So yeah, it makes sense to bring in another team, but I’m not sure Missouri should be that team.

Yeah, I like the Tigers and consider them a good fit if they come, but I’m not sure I like Auburn moving to the Eastern Division and the two new schools settling into the west. Beyond that, it is obvious that the SEC was not Missouri’s first choice-the Big Ten was. On top of that, they are taking what seems to be an excessive amount of time to make the decision which tells me there is some serious trepidation among the Mizzou administrators and/or alumni about breaking their traditional rivalries and hopping into a new league.

So I propose a simple solution, one that seems so obvious on its face that I don’t understand why it isn’t talked about more-why doesn’t the SEC go after Louisville? Here’s the thing-I dislike the Cards as much as the next UK fan, but that doesn’t stop me from seeing the obvious-Louisville would be a great fit in the SEC if for no other reason than this-GEOGRAPHY! Let’s see-Texas A & M and Missouri-they sure fit into the SOUTHEASTERN Conference geographically-NOT!

But beyond the geography, what’s not to like about “little brother” coming to play with the big boys? Certainly no one can argue that the quality of their athletic department is not SEC worthy-with the exception of football, U of L can hold their own in any other sport, including men’s and women’s basketball. They have great facilities, and who in our league would not be envious of the beautiful Yum! Center, one of the finest arenas in the nation.

Yeah, yeah, I know, a lot of Kentucky fans look down on the Cardinals, and in some respects I am one of them. Frankly, it would be nice to see them try to come into the SEC and play football against the competition that our football team has faced for the last century-then U of L fans wouldn’t laugh so much when their team is the subject of the same beat downs we have taken for so many years.

I hear rumors that the UK administration and Mitch Barnhart vetoed any discussion of Louisville joining the SEC. I’d like to believe that isn’t so, but do know there is a sizeable portion of the UK fan base that can’t fathom the Cardinals and the Cats in the same league-I just can’t understand why.

Is it because having U of L in the SEC gives them more credibility? Maybe 25 years ago that was the case, but let me give those folks a dose of reality-Louisville has gone out and earned its own credibility so that argument is not valid any longer. Louisville’s facilities are as good as, or better than, most of the schools in the SEC, and their basketball arena makes Rupp Arena look like the old and dilapidated building that it is.

So what say you, Cats fans-should the SEC invite the Cardinals to the party? I for one would love the opportunity to spank them twice in basketball each year instead of just once!

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