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Some Blue-White Scrimmage Thoughts

I know Kentucky is a football school now, but I thought I would tune into the basketball scrimmage the other night. What I saw:

-The team is NBA athletic but still raw. The length and versatility of this team is incredible. That said, and maybe because Cal did not want to show much publicly, but the defense was similar to a YMCA league for now. I do know that this team will block a lot of shots. This team will press and its length will create turnovers. I have no doubt we will see more press this year than any other time under Cal.

-Depth. Deepest team Cal has had. Expect lots of substitutions. Remember when Pitino would sub 5 at a time in 1996 and not miss much of a beat? Cal may be able to do that too. Opposing teams will wilt from exhaustion in the second half.

-The starting five will be:  Harrison Twins, Young, Randle and WCS. Very few teams in the country could play 40 minutes with these 5 alone. Randle is the real deal. The guy could play PG, if necessary, and he has a MKG motor. Enjoy him while he is here. Young may score 40 points in a game this year. Freak player. The Twins are bruisers and will be tough to guard. Lack super speed but fundamentally sound. Better shooters than I thought.

-Poythress needs to decide if he wants to play this year. From what I saw tonight, he will be lucky to get 10 minutes a game at this point. The guy has all the tools and the body, but at times, he really looks like the kid on the soccer field picking up a dandelion while a the other kids are trying to score.

-I know many are high on D. Johnson but he will struggle in this fast paced offense. On defense, no one is moving him and he will get the rebound, but on offense, he is a plodder, does not jump well, and has limited offensive range. Good guy to bring in to pound on someone in close games but if UK is rolling, he will not be much of a factor.

-Lee is a leaper. Needs to put weight on but he will be the energy guy. Probably put in on a press a lot.

-D. Hawkins will be a solid contributor beginning next year. Built like a NFL RB, drives hard, and is quick. Reminds me of a more athletic Anthony Epps.

-D. Willis can stroke it. Went 5-6 from three. Excellent shooting form. The kids needs 30 lbs of muscle but he will be a valuable role player at Kentucky.

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