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Stacey Poole to consider transfer

According to an article in today's Herald Leader, Stacey Poole is considering a transfer-or, actually, Stacey Poole's dad is considering a transfer for Stacey Poole.  Jerry Tipton quotes the elder Poole as being the "driving force" behind the discussion about whether to transfer after watching Stacey play in the Blue-White game.  Apparently, Poole's father is concerned because "he's just all focused."  Yeah-that's right, Stacey Poole's dad is concerned because his son appeared "focused' during the Blue-White game. 

Are you kidding me?  Isn't he supposed to be focused, as all are the other players?  I mean let's face it, you don't get to play basketball at elite schools like Kentucky unless you are focused.  I'm quite certain John Calipari did not offer Poole a scholarship with the intent that, while playing and practicing for the Cats, that Poole would be thinking of other topics.

Beyond that, Poole's father is also quoted as saying he would "make the call" about a transfer.  Last time I checked, it's Stacey Poole's name on the Letter of Intent, not his dad's, so where does the elder Poole get off saying he would make the call.

Don't get me wrong-if a player is not happy at Kentucky or anywhere else, I think they should transfer to a place that they believe they will be happy playing.  I don't ever begrudge that-adults make bad decisions about employers all the time, and not every 17 year old kid will be able to decide that a certain place is the right one for him.  What I do have a problem with is parents like Stacey Poole Sr. who seem to think it's all about them.  It's not about you, Mr. Poole-it's about your son, the "focused" one.  Give me a break!

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