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4 Keys for the Kentucky Wildcats

I still remain doubtful that ‘Free Enes’ chants will resonate with the NCAA review committee. 

Kentucky will be very good at times this year without Enes. I believe, though, teams that have a strong inside game will give the Cats fits. (See UNC game). Harrellson has played great and within his role, but this is the same slow footed Harrellson who would be playing 5-10 minutes a game if Enes was on the floor. 

The keys I see early on for continued success assuming Enes stays in NCAA jail are the following:

1) Knight needs to get better in shot selection and improve on his ball distribution. Knight is the better shooter but is not the passer Wall was. Cal needs to get Knight to look to pass for a better shot if does not have an open shot. Knight forces too many shots at this point when others have open looks.

2) Darius Miller needs to figure out if he wants to play in the NBA or work at local bank in Lexington that a booster will get him when he graduates. This player is a total enigma at this point.

3) Liggins needs to continue to become a dependable 10-13 ppg scorer who locks down the opposing team’s best perimeter play on the defensive end.

4) Cal needs to get Poole in the rotation so that he can start pressing a little more to keep the game a faster pace which will favor the Cats 95% of the time. 

Just my early thoughts.

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1. This loss means nothing. UK lost a game on the road in bizarre circumstances vs a very good team. If anything,...
Time to put Texas A&M to bed and get tuned up for a high seed in the big dance.
Epic collapse by UK tonight. Still something not right with this team.
Tough loss over the weekend, but the Cats showed heart...they'll be back.

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