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Kentucky Blasts Morehouse

It's hard to comprehend tonights' beat down of Morehouse College.  Of course it was expected to be lopsided, but who would have ever expected the Cats to take a 74-13 lead-at intermission!  I've seen some dominating performances by UK over the years (see UK vs Tennessee in the SEC tournament in 1993) but I don't think I have ever seen a team on the college level lead by 63-6 in the first half. 

Another amazing statistic is that the UK starters were a perfect 24-24 from the field during the first half-yeah, that's right, didn't miss a shot.  I expect this team to be a good shooting team, but that's simply mind boggling.  To say this was an old fashioned whipping would be an understatement, but I can't think of words to describe it so that will suffice.

A few observations:

  • Can't say I am a big fan of these type of exhibitions against obviously inferior opponents.  While I understand the idea is to try things out against someone other than the practice squad, at the end of the day I'm not sure the team gets much out of a game like this except the revenue from a home date.
  • With that said, schools like Morehouse rely on the guaranteed revenue from games like this to support their athletic departments, so its not like they aren't asking for these types of games.   If it wasn't UK supplying the can of whip-ass tonight, it would have been someone else.
  • I like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as the point guard as much as I've liked anyone in recent years.  The kid can flat out play.  His command of the offense will be a huge asset to this team.
  • Where in the heck has Wiltjer come from?  26 points in just 20 minutes uncluding 4-of-6 from three point range-this is the kind of shooting touch the Cats have lacked in recent years.  Whether he can keep it up for the season remains to be seen, but I like what I've seen out of Kyle the first two exhibition games.
  • Terrence Jones was what we have come to expect-a workhorse active around the basket.  His 22 points in 23 minutes was impressive, but I can't imagine Coach Calipari is happy with just four rebounds.  Jones has the talent to average close to a double-double...but has a long way to go in the rebounding category.
  • Anthony Davis is a beast.  His 8-of-8 performance netted 21 points in 20 minutes to go along with seven rebounds and four blocked shots.  Davis will terrorize other teams on a regular basis this year and will be fun to watch.

All in all, it was an impressive, albeit expected, performance against an undermanned and outmatched opponent.  This team hasn't shown a penchant for playing down to the opponent so far, and I like that.  Nothing I've seen thus far sways me from predicting a tremendous season with a high chance for a trip to the Final Four and a legitimate shot at winning the national championship.  Go Cats!

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